Saturday Each Way Doubles Elite Betting service (E.W.D.E) 

For just £27.50 per month this service has supplied winners up to 120/1 (twice) already! 

 Each Way Betting with the 'Each Way Double Elite'

Experienced punters know exactly how powerful each way doubles betting can be and will understand exactly what type of bet we are placing here! For those not so well versed in the types of bet used by professional gamblers on a daily basis to turn MASSIVE profits, then you need to know the following.

This each way betting service operates on a Saturday only with one or maybe two each way doubles bets to place using our advice. An each way double bet is one bet that combines two selections in different races.

The beauty of this professional betting technique is that both horses do NOT need to win in order to produce a nice profit, they only need to place. Due to the multiplying nature of this each way betting method, the odds don't have to be substantial for a profit to be locked in.

HOWEVER...In the eventuality of both horses winning, you will reap MASSIVE gains.

Like THIS one given to our members...

1.15 Hayd - Mysteree 5/1   - WON

2.25 Hayd - Kruzhlinin 16/1 - WON

120/1 Winning Double LANDED!


Then just 3 Saturdays later WE DID IT AGAIN!

Like THIS...

1.50 Chelt - Frodon 11/1 - WON

2.35 Newc - Shan Dun na nGall 13/2 - WON

ANOTHER 120/1 Winning Double LANDED!

£5 each way returned  £604.25 Profit

£10 each way returned  £1,208.50 Profit


And then there's the winning bets that are our bread and butter too.

This example below is the exact bet we gave members for Goodwood, on one of the most competitive days racing anywhere during the racing season.

Leg1 - Goodwood 14.30 - Critical Moment @ 7/1 (Advised) + Leg2 - Goodwood - 4.50 Eucharist @ 5/2 (Advised)

   Both of these selections WON! And the payout at SP was over 29/1 (2900%+R.O.I!) Therefore every £10 invested won nearly £300!


The Each Way Double is a bet combining two each way bets and uses the leverage of two selections to pay out potentially handsome dividends such as the above. If one horse does not place then losses are total. However, if one horse places in either race and wins or places in the other, then winnings from the first race are placed automatically on the second bet therefore ramping up your bet in the second leg of the double.


Think about the power of this type of bet. How many of these 29/1 winners do you need every year to clear a handsome profit? Well the simple maths show us that if we placed two points every weekend we need to hit this score only 3.6 times A YEAR and we profit.



BUT, there's also the BIG paydays like the two 120/1 shots we delivered TWICE in the space of just 3 weeks!

The Each Way Double Is One Of Peter's Specialities AND is the Staple Profit-Making Bet For ALL Self-Respecting Pro Punters!


The each way double is a staple bet that all self respecting pro punters use to leverage their opinions at the racecourse. By signing up to our Saturday Each Way Double Elite service you will be placing the very same bets as Peter himself on a Saturday. The second you sign up you can know that you are now betting every weekend using over thirty-five years experience of horse racing.

Want to see yet another example of what our members are experiencing?

This was ANOTHER massive pay day for our EWDElite service! + £764.00 profit from just a £20 stake!

Over 3800% profit in one day!

Here are the details we sent out on the winning bet we advised...

Leg 1 - 3.05/Ascot - Bewitched 11/1 (Advised) + Leg 2 - 6.40/Wolves - Irons on Fire 9/2 (Advised)

   Both of these selections WON! And the payout at the early advised prices was over 3800%+R.O.I! Therefore every £10 invested won over £380!

To put it another way, that single day's profit would have covered the cost of over 2 years membership!!!

If that isn't incredible value for money, I don't know what is!

This service costs a very, very competitive £27.50 per MONTH!

Would you swap £27.50 a month for a £764.00 profit on just ONE bet advised?

Or how about the

   £1,208.50 Profit


Not only that, but even when the actual doubles do not win utilising both selections, this service has regularly advised many winners, including the St Leger winner – Arctic Cosmos at 12/1.

Many of our members back these selections as each way singles as well as the double bet. Whilst the entire country ran scared of Rewilding the short priced favourite, our shrewd members were laughing all the way to the bank with that winner!



  The opportunity to experience high value winnings from these powerful pro bets!  

Advised with a FREE text message and email giving you flexibility.   

You will be one of a VERY limited number of people involved with this groundbreaking service!   

You will be automatically betting like a professional punter.   

Requires no bet placed on our behalf.   

A service that is dedicated to the weekend punter!   

Is a fraction of the cost of other services of such quality.   

Is STRICTLY limited in numbers on a first come first served basis.    

Winning bets with the potential of creating over 3800 % R.O.I (or more) in one bet, due to the nature of these powerful bets!  

 First come, first served  - MEMBERSHIP STRICTLY LIMITED


The numbers for this service will be limited due to the nature of these bets. No bookmaker wants hundreds of people placing these powerful professional bets, week in week out. So to protect our runners and the SP prices we will be limiting the numbers that we have at any one time.


 We are proud to offer you the chance of becoming a member of our Saturday 'Each Way Double Elite' membership service.


So How do I get involved? Sign up today using this PayPal button!

The service cost just £27.50 per month

The Staking Plan?

 Whatever the total of your dedicated bank you will divide this by 200 and this gives you your 'point' value. So if you have £1000 (divide by 200) your point value is £5. We will be advising most bets as one point each way, which means the outlay for each bet will be two points. Therefore, in the example given above, if your point value is £5, your total stake for a one point each way double bet advised, would be £10. Occassionally we might have a maximum bet, which would be 2 points each way = 4 points total stake, but this would be rare. We use this point system as a low risk strategy, whilst still aiming to produce excellent long-term profits for our members. You could however choose to ramp this up to mid or even high risk at your own conviction as your betting bank grows.

ACT NOW to avoid disappointment and sign up today to lock in your membership and become one of our long-term members. Strictly on a first come first served basis, we only guarantee a place for the first 200 to sign up via the order button above.



Peter Sackville








IMPORTANT : Never bet more than you can afford to lose. No Responsibility will be attributed to us or the service in any way for losses incurred financial or otherwise. There is always a risk when gambling.


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